Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology


Current Issue 

 Volume 16 Number 2, July 2019

Note from the Editor: Bangladesh in New York

Nazrul Islam

Globalization is Dead, Long Live Globalization! Impasse in Globalization Theory and Beyond S. Aminul Islam

Boko-Haram and Social Identity Theory: Explaining the Enigma that is Threatening National and Regional Peace in Africa

O. Okafor Samuel and Raimi Lasisi

A Sociological Analysis of the Medicalization Process of Pregnancy and Child Birth in Bangladesh

Bijoy Krishna Banik

In Search of Models for Healthcare Delivery in Multi-Cultural Africa

Abdullahi Ali Arazeem and Moshood Issah

Comparing Multi-Ethnic Countries in Providing Territorial Autonomy to Ethnic Groups

Mogau Petrus Sekgala and T. Isaac Mokgopo

The use of Ethnicity in Ethiopia in Determinig Internal Boundaries T. Isaac Mokgopo
The Governance, Taxation and Regulation of Beneficiary Funds in South Africa Lufuno T. Nevondwe

Minorities and Cultural Identity: Insights on Shia Women of Kashmir

M. Saleem Jehangir and Shugufta Akhter

The Juxtaposition of Antagonistic Urban Landscapes: Rural-Urban Interface in South African Cities

N. Johannes Mokoele

Breaking the Traditional Trap: Improving Food and Nutrition Security through Science Technology and Innovation in Zimbabwe

J Tinarwo and D E Uwizeyimana
Examining Age, Pay Satisfaction and Intent to Leave in Counterproductive Work Behaviour among University Support Staff Abiodun M. Lawal, Sunday S. Babalola and Uzor Friday Ordu
Blowing the Anti-Graft Whistle with Rewarding Rigour and Legal Vulnerability: A Turning Pointin Nigeria’s Democratic Space? Mike Omilusi